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The tuition will :-
  • equip the student to meet the desired objective
  • provide assignments to prepare for or follow up work done during the tutorial sessions
  • monitor the progress of the student.
  • Assess the on-going needs of the student.
  • Feedback any concerns to the Director of Studies
  • be flexible in terms of frequency and duration of tutorial sessions.
  • Be charged at a rate which is dependent on the key stage level. It is payable directly to the tutor after each session. Our pricing structure is competitive for experienced teachers.

The tuition will NOT :-

  • Be a substitute for a students hard work.
  • Guarantee grades that are unrealistic

The advent of linear / terminal exams has meant less pressure on students in January. Disappointing mock exam results at this time have been the trigger to seek tuition. Tutoring is most effective when it is on going and a student uses a tutor as a resource to address on going difficulties with their work.


Many tutors prefer to tutor in their own homes where they keep their resources. Some are willing to travel to the home of a student within a given radius. This can be discussed at the initial consultation.

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Each week after her lesson Jo was much more confident and very happy. Her list of questions and problems were answered - and more covered. T completely turned chemistry around from being a big problem to getting an A at A Level

He was amazingly patient as I arrived with my endless list of things I didn’t understand, explaining things as many times as was needed until I felt 100% confident with the topic. After a session I felt empowered that I would do well, a feeling I wasn’t used to in this subject.