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Over the years we have helped thousands of students improve their results, and enabled them to gain entry to Universities of their choice.

Skills development
Some results cannot be easily quantified. However improved writing skills and the growth of confidence are common outcomes of our tutorial programmes at all levels, as evidenced in feedback from schools and parents.

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These are some examples, the names may have been changed:-

  • Amy got all 9 GCSE’s that she took with 4 B’s and 5 C’s. She is thrilled and so were we because she found the lead up to the exams very difficult. Most importantly she got B’s in her English Literature and English Language rest so she is able to carry on with A Level.
  • Anne got a C in Maths which I feel is very good as she has always struggled with Maths in exam conditions. Her tutor was very helpful at trying to get her to slow down and gave her the confidence that she could do the questions.
  • Fantastic news. Jane was offered scholarships by Clifton High, Redmaids and Colstons. The award she has been offered at Redmaids means 100% of her tuition will be funded.
  • My 3 selective entry students all got into the schools of their choice, one to Redmaids, one to Bristol Grammar School and one to QEH.
  • just wanted to drop an email to say I got both my firm and insurance offers and I’ll be going to Cardiff in September to do Speech and Language Therapy.