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Students seek tuition at different stages of their education and for many different reasons.
Here are some of the examples of what students have said :-

At primary school

  • I cannot see the patterns in maths
  • I Have difficulty with creative writing and structuring work
  • I find it difficult to concentrate
  • I do not find it easy to speak up in class.
  • I want to pass the entrance exam for an independent school.
At GCSE level

  • I am aiming for A* grade
  • I need an A or B grade at GCSE to be accepted onto an A Level course.
  • My first Language is not English. Understanding the questions is sometimes difficult.
  • I have missed a lot of school for health reasons.
  • I have been excluded from school but want to continue my education
At A level

  • I achieved A* grades at GCSE but am finding the jump to A level is difficult.
  • The GCSE exam board that I took is not a good preparation for A level. Some of my peers know more than me.
  • My UMS score will not get me into the University of my choice.
  • My AS grades were really disappointing. I need to retake.
  • I am dyslexic so it takes me longer to grasp points.
  • I need help to prepare for Oxbridge exams.
At higher education

  • I am having difficulty understanding the basic stats in my first year psychology degree.
  • I have a particular difficulty with the crime issue in sociology
  • I am making a career move. I need to have an A level to get onto a course.



Fantastic news. Jane was offered scholarships by Clifton High, Redmaids and Colstons. The award she has been offered at Redmaids means 100% of her tuition will be funded. Many thanks to Sue and her team for engaging Beth in learning
She will be going to College in September.
Teaching and Learning Coordinator for Children in Care.